I'm a pilipinx-american artist and producer with a small, freelance video and animation studio. While my work demands my stable access to electricity, I like to backpack, bikepack, paddle-camp, and climb whenever I can.
Artist Bio:
Di-ay Battad is a multidisciplinary artist. Working in 2D and digital media, they create works informed by events that move and mutate landscapes, by interactions between humans and their environments, and by the artist’s relationships with places. They are interested in experiments in motion, tone, and metaphor; and approaches image making as an explorer, finding the strange and beautiful in a gesture or transformation.

Di-ay's video, animation, and sound works have been exhibited internationally, including at the Freies Museum in Berlin; Sonic Vigil at St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork, Ireland; on Public Access TV in New York City; and VIA Music & New Media Festival in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Originally from Rizal, the Phillippines, Di-ay currently lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they received their BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Electronic and Time-Based Art. They work as an educator and as Assistant Studio Director at Pisano Films.

Opportunities, commissions, questions, or comments: di.battad@gmail.com.
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