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 Talking With Ghosts About Freedom

An in-progress project with artist Kelsey Robinson, Talking With Ghosts About Freedom is our creation of new, multidisciplinary works while traveling and camping and creating along the Underground Railroad bicycle route. The result - in an intersection of history, performance, documentary, object making, and bicycle touring - will be a creative mapping of histories of migration, immigration, and freedom.

I will be documenting this journey in Spring 2019.

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Pisano Films

Pisano Films is a video and animation studio in Pittsburgh, PA, focusing on documentary and educational storytelling. I spend my weekdays there as the Assistant Studio Director.

Our list of clients includes Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, The Sprout Fund, Healthy Ride, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, VIA Music Festival, Duolingo, Twitter, and MedExpress. We have a tendency to work with organizations and teams whose missions involve making the world a better place.

Our video reel is on the left; be sure to check out our animation reel at our website.

Everywhere, there are people like you and me earnestly working towards making their communities more inclusive, more fun, more connected, more empowered. They do this by curating feminist art shows, organizing activities for friends and families of queer POCs, getting so many zine-makers together in a room to show off and sell what they’ve been creating, simply throwing a party. It’s this sort of stuff that makes me proud of my city.


These are the things that have always inspired my imagination.